The 5 Ws of Safety at Home for Seniors


Hello everybody; Terry here: )

Thank you for allowing me to join you on our journey to sure moves and safe practices. Although safety at home for seniors demands this, If you’re like me, they may not always be smooth moves!

Let us begin our rounds together by stating the facts about what SureSenior stands for.


The 5 Ws of Safety at Home for Seniors


Let’s use the five W’s of journalism:


Whether it is you, gentle reader, or a dear parent, aunt, uncle, or other elderly person you know… I will share with you all the caring solutions to be found for safety at home. It is the “who” in our lives after all, that means the most to us and gives out with the hugs!


Solutions to your daily problems and obstacles to living comfortably in your home. What I’ll be discussing with you are time-tested ideas for keeping your home environment safe, as well as the newest and most innovative tips and products that will serve you well.


Join me right here at SureSenior for information gathering and senior safety facts. It will be my utmost pleasure to be your host with the most, and I’ll try not to burn the toast!


Each and every week, I will offer up what I have researched in the effort to make life comfortable for you in your home and in your own backyard:) I want to make this our regular date so don’t stand me up – and I promise the spirit here will pick you up;)


 Why? Because we love you! The mighty powers that be, and me:)
We all deserve to carry on with dignity, to feel sure of our surroundings, and to keep enjoying our daily activities. I myself might carry on in my customary clumsy way… and could well be a test case for everybody… seriously.
I seem to invent a new way to injure myself every day, so my dear wife says – LOL
– well, I really am ‘all elbows’!
That should only serve to knock things out of the way, and lead to a simpler, and more harmonious way of Life:)
So let’s make safety at home for seniors JOB ONE, and we’ll all benefit.

Surely yours,


20 thoughts on “The 5 Ws of Safety at Home for Seniors

  1. Hi Terry –

    I love your site! The set-up is very attractive and easy to read; plus, I like your graphics. Your information is so simple, timely, and useful … a true trifecta of good stuff … and your blogs are entertaining! The use of POOL NOODLES as bed leg protectors makes so much sense; yet how many people would figure that out?! In short, I’m a fan who is rooting for your success! Best to you.

    1. Hi Carol;

      Thanks for rooting for me!:)
      Your comments here truly humble me.
      I noticed your own excellent blog,
      Consider me your fan too, because I love how you communicate your insight and sensitivity about tricky seniors issues:)
      Thanks again so much for your enthusiasm and support for me:)

      Yours surely,

  2. Great site! You are helping a lot of older folks out with this. The sad fact seems to be that elderly people get forgotten and pretty much locked up in the hospitals or retirement homes when they get old and sick. Not always the best solution. Most of the time would be better and more comfortable to make sure elders can stay at home as long as they possibly could. So yeah, great job with the site and i wish you luck with it! 🙂

  3. I really like what you are doing here Terry and the 5W’s of journalism is a great way to introduce your site to others. Your kindness shines through in your comments and on your website. Very nicely done.

  4. Hi Terry,

    I’m 76 this year and reckon this is the first time in my senior years I have ever seen anything on the internet which has me and my generation as a focus! What a nice surprise! Already I feel I’m not so ” invisible” as I seem to be ( as you age you get to be less apparent as a real person to younger people). Now, I’m hoping I will see items on your blog which give me ideas, comfort, and maybe just a grin or two!
    Thanks for your effort.



    1. Hi Jack;

      I aim to bring lots of ideas and comfort to SureSenior, my friend. Thank you for your appreciation:)
      We’ll make things highly visible around here, and I am your servant sir.

      Surely yours,

  5. Hi Terry,
    I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to more of your information as time moves on. I am (OMG) 60 this year ! I have increasing arthritis pain in hips and my hands. I still get around just fine but slower and my hands fatigue quicker than they used to. Your information will be very valuable to me since I live alone and have no neighbors closer than 1 mile. So thank you for this website and all your research you are sharing!

    1. Awwwww…bless your heart, Staci.
      Im about your age, and if my wife and I didn’t call Ontario, Canada “home”, we’d we’d love to walk that mile to your house to visit you. Your home must be fascinating and so homey. Your nice blog at has great information for simplifying our lives. Heck, with your know-how there, and SureSenior here, we can help run the world!:))
      My wife and I both have arthritis too, so I hear you, luv.
      Would love you to come back and visit me!

      All the best:)

  6. What a great idea !!!! My parents are getting older … like each of us :P, and I keep an eye on their safety. So I ‘ll come back to your site for more informations. Cheers, Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff;

      You are one of the caring sons that make this country great!
      Thank you for visiting, and for your kind words, my friend.

      Cheers to you too!

    1. Hi Craig;

      Thank you – really appreciate your kind words!
      I also appreciate that you ‘n’ me both like helping folks out:)

      Surely yours,

  7. Hi Terry,
    What a great service you are providing here! My parents are both in their early 70s now, and I live so far away from them, and I do worry about them. Being the eldest child I do feel a lot of responsibility for them. Fortunately they are both fit and able at the moment, and enjoying retirement. However, there have been a few things recently like eye problems and my Mum is needing a hip replacement. I am trying to ensure they go and get things seen to as early as possible, as they are quite traditional and tend to be stoic with their problems! Do you have any advice I can give them to help look after themselves?
    All the best, Mara.

    1. Hi Mara;

      Thank you for saying so!
      Your loving thoughts for your parents really hit home here, as we are experiencing the same thing.
      I will be posting ideas to break down stubborn resistance – LOL- so pop back in here soon, luv:)
      In the meantime, try making your kind approach when they are in a relaxed mood…;)

      Surely yours,

  8. I’m 60 years old & am enjoying my life but I have had a couple of close calls regarding falling. It’s very important as a senior to realize you just don’t have the balance you once did. Glad to meet you & will look forward to seeing your advice here.

    1. Hi Dave – glad to meet you, too!

      I’m at this age too, where I’ve got to learn to pace myself, and walk straight lines.
      It is not the whiskey – I’m almost a teatotaller – more to do with my inner-ear, sleepiness, dulled senses,
      and lifelong lack of coordination – LOL
      This is a good reminder for us all, Dave, and aren’t we sorry it’s from personal experience:(

      Thanks for reading along!

      your servant sir,

  9. What you’re doing is wonderful! My parents were precious to me & tried in simple ways to help them best we could. I’m sure if my mom saw your blog while alive, she would’ve loved it!

    1. Hi Paula;

      Thank you so much, luv.
      I’ll bet your dear parents appreciated their daughter’s efforts very, very much!
      Your expression of appreciation for my simple efforts in helping senior safety at home is so kind of you.
      Thank you for commenting:)

      Surely yours,

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